Artistic project promotes creative growth in Pernambuco’s contemporary concert music scene.

MUCAMBO presents its first release: a CD with 10 new works for string quartet.

On September 20, ten composers born or based in Pernambuco will have works premiered at a concert to launch the project “MUCAMBO: contemporary music for string quartet”. The concert will take place at 7:30 p.m at the Eva Herz Theater, Livraria Cultura, Shopping RioMar in Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. MUCAMBO aims to be an ongoing project, with new pieces commissioned each year. This year’s first edition welcomes a string quartet formed especially for the project, by professors at Pernambuco’s federal university UFPE: Paula Bujes and Susan Hagar (violins), Savio Santoro (viola) and Pedro Huff (cello).

According to the project’s general coordinator, Victor Luiz, MUCAMBO aims to present a snapshot of the contemporary generation of composers born in Pernambuco, and who have settled here. It seeks also to focus on the work of women composers of contemporary concert music. “MUCAMBO is about endurance: the word’s literal meaning is hut – from the dwelling in a quilombo (the settlements created by escaped slaves) and the clay huts in the Brazilian outback, to the frail structures on stilts in mangroves, it refers to structures that are unfinished, packed together, and shared, and which circle a metropolis; that is why we chose the ‘mucambo’ as a symbol of our project,” says Victor Luiz who, together with Manassés Bispo, devised the project.

Bispo, executive producer and music director of the project, adds that MUCAMBO works on two fronts: first, accessibility to the general public, hence the composers were asked to include in their works recognizable elements from the region’s traditional music. The second is the project’s international scope (the project’s site is bilingual, Portuguese and English). “From the moment we began to see MUCAMBO as a longterm endeavour, we sought to promote the appreciation of concert music by a wider public, to offer a kind of music that is not unapproachable,” he adds.

In the concert, the 10 works on the CD will be performed:

  • Alvorada, by Ivanubis
  • Duas paisagens for string quartet by Paulo Lima
  • Rascunhos para cordas, by Syrlane Albuquerque
  • Estudos pequenos, by Mateus Alves
  • Modus III – quarteto de cordas, by Paulo Arruda
  • Marco Zero, by Mauro Maibrada
  • Carro de boi transfigurado, by Victor Luiz
  • Quaderna, by Nelson Almeida
  • Ponte dos Ecos, by Ricardo Brafman
  • Frevando III, by Nilson Lopes

Entry to the concert is free, but subject to the seating capacity of the hall. We also ask for a donation of 2kg of non-perishable food, which will go to Pernambuco’s Hospital do Câncer.

CD MUCAMBO: contemporary music for string quartet will be available for download at the official project website, The album will be sent by post (by Sedex mail, to be charged) to music, art and culture institutions throughout Brazil that request it through the site contact form.

Event: Concert to launch the project “MUCAMBO: contemporary music for string quartet”.
Date: September 20, 2018.
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Eva Herz Theater, Livraria Cultura, RioMar Shopping, Recife PE, Brazil.

Photo credit: Edilson Bispo / Divulgation


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